Being charged with multiple DUIs is a serious matter. A second or third drunk driving offense could lead to felony charges, even if your previous offense occurred years ago. You could face severe penalties including a 10-year prison sentence, license revocation and thousands of dollars in fines. You may also be required to enroll in an alcohol treatment program.

Each of these penalties can seriously affect your livelihood for years to come. You could lose your job, lose years of your life in prison or suffer other social consequences. Texas authorities take DUI cases seriously, and even one extra drink could end in arrest.

In a recent Texas case, a man from El Paso was charged with drunk driving. He had two previous convictions for driving while intoxicated.

An El Paso Police Department spokesman reported that the 31-year-old was pulled over when officers noticed he was speeding. According to the spokesman, the police officers found that the man was intoxicated and arrested him. He was taken to the El Paso County Jail. The man's first drunk driving offense occurred in December 1998 and his second in January 2000. His bail has been set at $5,000.

Being charged with driving while intoxicated can be very confusing, and finding out that you're facing a felony charge can be frightening. It may seem like you've run out of options. However, there may be ways to prevent some negative consequences of such a charge. If a Breathalyzer test wasn't properly administered or if the Breathalyzer itself had not been properly maintained, the results may not have been accurate. Seeking experienced legal advice may be beneficial in these circumstances.


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