Oftentimes college students feel like they are constantly looking over their shoulder for a police officer who may be waiting to accuse them of an alcohol-related crime. Police target bars and other establishments where college students like to hang out, waiting to find someone under 21 who is drinking or watching for people who are driving while intoxicated.

Spring break is a time that many college students spend letting loose and enjoying their free time. Spring break is often the only time off that students get between the beginning and end of the spring semester. Many students take advantage of their limited free time by taking vacations near the beach or in Mexico. Some college students consume beer or other alcoholic beverages as a way to enjoy themselves when there are no classes, tests or papers to worry about.

As spring break approaches for many Texas schools, however, police across the state reported that they will be cracking down on alcohol-related offenses from Saturday through Sunday March 20. Texas Highway Patrol Troopers have issued a specific warning to all high school and college students under 21, reminding them that they can be charged with a DWI no matter what their blood alcohol level is.

State police have also warned students against vacationing in Mexico this year. They say the country is dangerous right now, and the Padre Island area is always very crowded.

Being arrested for underage DUI or DWI can be very overwhelming, especially if you're on vacation and don't know the area well. Experienced Texas attorneys know that strong defenses can be formed in these cases.


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