Underage drinking happens throughout Texas. Especially in college towns like College Station and Bryan, students often take part in activities and events that involve alcohol. Underage drinking, however, is not confined to college students. There are also situations in which high school students engage in the illegal activity.

As prom season and graduation quickly approach, underage drinking will likely become a more prominent issue. Sometimes students think that prom and drinking just go together. Other teens might be pressured into drinking by their friends or peers. Whatever the reason, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it consistently sees a spike in alcohol-related traffic accidents in the months of April, May and June.

Underage drinking, however, can not only come with serious consequences, but it can also be detrimental to a young person's health. According to the National Institutes of Health, the part of the brain that detects risky behavior is not completely developed until a person is 25 years old. Teens who drink excessively could do damage to that part of the brain, which can have lasting effects. Another study also found that teen drinkers are more likely to develop alcohol dependency as adults.

Along with the health issues of underage drinking, minors who get caught consuming alcohol can face serious legal penalties. A person's driver's license could be suspended, and he or she may face expensive fines and mandatory community service.

Often a minor in possession charge is the first encounter a teen has had with the legal system. Being confronted by the police can be confusing and overwhelming. Experienced Texas attorneys understand that strong defenses can be built to challenge an underage drinking charge.

Source: Evansville Courier & Press: "Prom, graduation season accelerates dangers of underage drinking, drugs," Nichole White, 4 April 2011