Texas authorities take drunk driving very seriously. Being arrested for driving while intoxicated can have serious penalties. Your license could be revoked, and you could be facing expensive fines. People who have been convicted of drunk driving in the past could be facing felony DWI charges, which come with much more severe consequences. You could be facing a prison sentence and, if a proposed Texas bill passes, the permanent revocation of your driver's license.

A Texas representative has introduced new legislation into the House that would impact multiple-time DWI offenders. Representative Stefani Carter is proposing that individuals who are convicted of their fifth driving while intoxicated offense have their driver's license permanently revoked.

Under the new legislation, it would still be possible for felony DWI offenders to do some driving. Some individuals could be issued an occupational license. An occupational license would allow them to operate a vehicle under certain circumstances, including driving to work or school, and to carry out some necessary errands, such as grocery shopping.

Representative Carter has been a long-time advocate of serious penalties for drunk drivers. She also has a personal connection to drunk driving. A drunk driving incident resulted in the death of two of her parents siblings.

The Texas lawmaker has played a part in other bills related to driving while intoxicated. One required that ignition interlock devices be installed in the cars of first-time offenders, and the other outlined consequences that DWI offenders would be subjected to if they did not properly utilized the ignition interlock devices.  It will be interesting to see if this bill becomes law.

Source: Texas Insider, "Carter Files Bill to Keep Repeat DWI Offenders Off the Road," 20 April 2011