Enjoying a few glasses of wine with dinner or meeting some friends for a few drinks at a bar are both common leisure activities that Texas residents enjoy. In these situations, it is not uncommon for people to drive home after a drink.

However, even if a person does not think he or she has had too much to drink, sometimes a Breathalyzer will say otherwise. Even if you feel that your driving has not been impaired by the alcohol you consumed, police may disagree. One extra drink could lead to an arrest for driving while intoxicated.

In a recent Texas case, a police officer made the mistake of driving his vehicle after allegedly consuming alcohol. On Friday, the 29-year-old officer from Fort Worth was pulled over when another officer noticed his vehicle drift into the shoulder of a highway.

The allegedly intoxicated officer agreed to undergo a field sobriety test. He also had his blood drawn. He was arrested and charged with drunk driving. It is not clear what the Fort Worth officer's blood alcohol content was at the time of his arrest.

As punishment, the Fort Worth Police Department placed the man on restricted duty. He will not be allowed to carry his badge or gun while the police department conducts its own investigation.

This case shows that even people who understand the consequences of drunk driving still make mistakes. However, it is important to know your rights in a situation like this. Not everyone accused of driving while intoxicated is guilty.

Source: KWTX, "North Texas Officer Arrested for DWI," 15 April 2011