Recently, a number of Texas A&M University students were issued citations for underage drinking at an off-campus party. College Station Police were reportedly nearby and heard noise coming from the house, which was a few blocks away.

The noise was reportedly coming from an end-of-the-year party for a student group affiliated with the university. Police issued citations to 29 minors for underage drinking. Two individuals, both 21, were arrested for supplying alcohol to minors.

Authorities at Texas A&M University say they are conducting their own investigation into the incident.

As this incident shows, drinking is often a part of college life. Whether students are celebrating the end of the school year, a passed exam or the big game, it is not uncommon for drinking to be involved. Because student culture often involves alcohol, it can be easy for those who are under 21 to become caught up the celebrations.

However, Texas police officers take underage drinking and driving while intoxicated very seriously. As this Texas A&M case shows, many police officers do not hesitate to issue citations to people who are drinking underage. Similarly, those who supply alcohol to minors can get in serious legal trouble.

In either situation, you could be facing serious penalties. Being arrested for an alcohol-related charge can be frightening and overwhelming, especially for people who are not yet 21. However, experienced Texas DUI defense attorneys know that strong cases can be built to challenge those charges. Not everyone who is accused of an alcohol-related offense is guilty.

Source: WTAW, "A&M Officials Investigating Underage Drinking Off Campus," Bill Oliver, 9 May 2011