Earlier this spring, two individuals were killed in a Texas car accident. The crash was reportedly caused by a man who had been served numerous drinks at a bar earlier in the evening. According to police, the man who had been driving while intoxicated drove the wrong way down a highway and collided with a police officer's vehicle. Both the officer and the reported drunk driver were killed in the crash.

Following the crash, which took place on March 15, the bar that had been serving the alleged drunk driver began to rethink its policy. The bar's attorney said the man was served nine pints of beer. Although two different servers said he did not seem to be drunk, the bar stopped serving him at one point. The police chief reported that the driver had consumed two gallons of beer before leaving the establishment.

In response to the fatal accident, the bar has decided to impose a six-drink limit on all of its customers. The bar says its computers will be able to keep tally of how many drinks each patron has ordered. Servers who allow people to order more than six drinks will be fired. This limit will be effective in all of the bar's branches across the country.

As this story shows, police officers are not the only ones who take drunk driving seriously. Other community establishments often feel strongly about the effects of drunk driving. It will be interesting to see if other Texas bars decide to impose drink limits on their patrons.

Source: WOAI, "Bar changes policy after crash kills police officer," Lauren Lea, 15 May 2011