On May 1, a Texas high school student died after consuming too much alcohol. The 18-year-old was found dead of alcohol poisoning in a hotel room that he and some friends had rented for a post-prom party. Police report that other students had also been drinking underage.

Now, three people are facing charges in connection with high school senior's death. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has cited a 54-year-old liquor store attendant as being responsible for selling a 17-year-old alcohol. Police are saying that the boy distributed the alcohol at the hotel party.

The liquor store clerk and the brother of one student at the party have been charged with supplying alcohol to minors. Police say they believe another student's cousin also supplied the teens with alcohol, but they have not located him yet.

While this is indeed a tragic case, the charges against the liquor store attendant are being questioned by some. Her son has stated that he believes the woman thought the teen was at least 21. Similarly, a relative of the boy who was found dead also suspects the clerk may have been unaware that the she was selling to an underage student.

No one affiliated with the hotel where the party took place has been charged. Police say the employees did not know about the party or the underage drinking.

As this story shows, Texas officials do not take underage drinking or making alcohol available to a minor lightly. However, people who are accused of selling alcohol to a minor were not always aware that the customer was underage. There may be ways to challenge the charges.

Source: The 33 News, "Regulators Slam Liquor Store Clerk In Teen Alcohol Poisoning Death," L.P. Phillips, 20 May 2011