A Texas woman has been sentenced to probation for providing her underage son's friends with alcohol before they attended a party. Later in the evening, the friends were involved in a drunk driving car accident that injured five of them.

Recently, the woman was convicted of promoting underage drinking and supplying alcohol to the kids. This is considered a misdemeanor offense. She will serve three years of probations and seven days in jail to be spread out over a few years. She will reportedly have to serve two days in jail on the first two anniversaries of the car accident.

The woman's penalty also includes writing an article for the newspaper denouncing underage drinking. She will also have to help pay for one of the injured children's medical expenses.

As this case shows, Texas authorities and Texas courts take both underage drinking and making alcohol available to a minor very seriously. Although it is a misdemeanor offense, which generally comes with less severe penalties, a conviction can still have a significant impact on your life. As in this case, if someone was injured you may be required to send part of each paycheck to help cover that person's recovery costs.

Experienced Texas defense attorneys know how difficult these situations can be. You may feel that providing your child a place to drink is a safer alternative to having him or her end up drinking somewhere else. Most parents have their children's best interests at heart and do not purposefully put their kids or other children in danger.

Source: KXAN.com, "Probation for mom who let kids drink," 28 April 2011