In relation to an incident that occurred on December 3, one Texas police officer has been fired. According to reports, the officer crashed his unmarked patrol car after he had been drinking.

Following an investigation into the accident, the police officer was charged with driving while intoxicated. Last week, the Austin police chief announced the officer would be terminated from his position.

Reports say that the officer and six others were drinking at a house party before the accident occurred. The other six officers were on call at the time. They have all been suspended for multiple violations including drinking while on call, drinking before driving a police car, and not reporting the incident to supervisors.

It is suspected that the terminated officer will appeal the police department's decision to fire him.

This case is a very clear example of how seriously Texas law enforcement officials take drunk driving. In this case, Texas police suspended and fired their own colleagues for drinking on the job and driving while intoxicated.

Being arrested for drunk driving can be very overwhelming. You may not know what your rights are or what you should say to the arresting officer. If convicted, you could be facing expensive fines, the loss of your license and even jail time. A drunk driving charge can also end up on your permanent record and affect your future opportunities.

Experienced Texas drunk driving attorneys know how frightening being arrested for DWI can be. Strong defenses can be built to challenge drunk driving charges.

Source: The Houston Chronicle, "1 Austin officer fired, 6 suspended after party," 20 May 2011