Following the recent discovery that a school psychology specialist was convicted of DWI last year, the San Angelo, Texas, school board has approved her termination. The woman had allegedly never reported the incident to her employer.

Last summer, the woman was arrested for driving while intoxicated as well as for assault and possession of a controlled substance. She was involved in two car accidents that evening. She reportedly sideswiped one vehicle, but left before police arrived and then later rear-ended another vehicle.

According to reports, officers arrested the woman and transported her to the local jail. There, she became violent with officers and was charged with assault of a public servant. Later, the assault and drug possession charges were dropped, and she was convicted of DWI only.

The woman was given multiple penalties including 90 days in jail and 12 months of probation. She was also required to pay a $500 fine and attend drinking and driving classes.

Despite her recent termination, her license was not revoked, and she is still considered employable by the Texas Association of School Psychologists.

There are a number of things that can be learned from this case. First, Texas authorities take drunk driving very seriously, and a driving while intoxicated conviction can come with serious and damaging penalties. If you have been charged with DWI, you could be facing expensive fines, license revocation and possibly jail time.

This case also shows that employers are often prejudiced against people with a record of drunk driving. This woman lost her job, and often employers show preference to job applicants without records.

However, experienced Texas defense attorneys know that not everyone who is charged with drunk driving is guilty. Strong defenses can be built to challenge the charges or reduce the penalties.

Source: San Angelo Standard Times, "SAISD specialist fired after DWI, other charges," Laurel L. Scott, 29 April 2011