In Texas, Memorial Day weekend is a time for barbeques and picnics. Many people spend the long weekend with friends and family members, relaxing and having fun in the Texas sun. For some people, that relaxation means having a drink or two. When it's time to go home, you may not feel intoxicated. However, a breath test could say differently.

This year's Memorial Day weekend ended in arrest for a number of people. Police officers and other enforcement agencies in Smith County reported arresting 29 people for drunk driving. The weekend's patrols were part of a No-Refusal Campaign.

The No-Refusal Campaign allows a police officer to obtain a search warrant from an on-call judge if an individual refuses to submit to a blood or breath test. Police say seven people refused to be tested for intoxication.

As this weekend proved to be true, Texas police officers do not take drunk driving lightly. They will not hesitate to arrest you if they suspect you may be driving while intoxicated.

Being arrested for drunk driving can be an overwhelming experience. Police may administer a breath test or ask you to get out of your vehicle to perform a field sobriety test. You may not know what to do or what to say.

If you have been charged for DWI, you may be facing expensive fines and possible jail time. However, experienced Texas defense attorneys know that not everyone who is accused of driving under the influence is guilty, and strong defenses can be built to challenge charges of driving while intoxicated.

Source: KYTX, "Smith County arrests 29 for DWI offenses over holiday weekend," 31 May 2011