After being arrested for drunk driving recently, a Texas native who is a standout player for the University of Michigan football team now faces the additional headache of administrative hassles created by not having his driving paperwork in order.

Darryl Stonum, a native of Stafford, Texas, was arrested on suspicion of DUI last month. When he was pulled over, police discovered he had a suspended license and could not provide registration or proof of insurance for the vehicle.

Stonum is a wide receiver for the University of Michigan's nationally regarded football team. He told police he had been at a local sports bar earlier in the evening, but had stopped drinking around 10 p.m. A breathalyzer revealed his blood-alcohol level to be .13, well above Michigan's .08 limit.

Stonum pleaded guilty to an operating while visibly impaired second offense and last week was sentenced to two years probation. He also received a suspended sentence of 365 days in jail, meaning he could find himself behind bars if he violates his probation. On top of that, he received a ticket for driving with a suspended license.

Stonum's case provides an example of how all drivers, whether they are celebrities or not, need to first make sure they have proper documentation for their license and their vehicle and second, must be careful if they get behind the wheel after they have been drinking. Police do not care if someone is famous - a suspended license is a suspended license and driving while under the influence has serious consequences for anyone.

Source:, "Police report details Michigan football player Darryl Stonum's drunken driving arrest," Lee Higins, 11 June 2011.