Here's an interesting idea - will single-sex dorms on college campuses decrease levels of drinking?

In recent years, the amount college students drink has raised concern on campuses across the nation. There are healthy and safe levels of drinking, of course, but alcohol consumption can easily spin out of control and lead to DUIs, misdemeanors, public intoxication citations or other scrapes with the law. Colleges have a responsibility to protect their students (and, of course, their reputations), so many have been looking for ways to curb excessive drinking

The president of Catholic University of America seems to think he has found the answer. He recently said his school will revert to single-sex dorms when classes resume this fall. He claims students in co-ed dorms binge drink twice as much as students in single-sex dorms.

Reducing the level of irresponsible drinking is a commendable goal, but reverting to single-sex dorms is a drastic means to achieve that end. Men and women collaborate together in offices across the country every day - is it a good idea to separate them at a time when they are supposed to be preparing for their professional lives? Also, the Catholic University of America has a religious component to its mission, which may make the idea of single-sex dorms more appealing than it would be on a secular campus, like Texas A&M.

What are your thoughts? Do single-sex dorms make sense, or do you think they will have no impact on how much students drink? Are there better ways to address the problem of excessive alcohol consumption?

Source: The Week Magazine, "Single-sex dorms: A cure for binge drinking?" 20 June 2011.