As we had previously reported on this blog, law enforcement officials across Texas stepped up drunk-driving enforcement over the Fourth of July weekend. Now, statewide totals for that crackdown have been announced and a new date for a similar period of increased enforcement has been set.

Between June 27 and July 6, 1,406 drivers across the state were arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. Some 575 of those arrests were made by troopers whose presence was paid for by a special grant through the Texas Department of Transportation.

The next period of heightened DUI vigilance will be over the Labor Day weekend, which is traditionally seen as the end of summer. Like the Fourth of July weekend, the days around Labor Day are usually among the busiest times for law enforcement officers who watch the roads. That effort will also be funded with a grant from the Department of Transportation.

Naturally, it is good that we have men and women out there who are keeping us safe. There is always a risk, though, that if a trooper is watching out too eagerly for drunk drivers, he or she may have too much of an incentive to find them where they do not exist. Many people in College Station and elsewhere just assumed that when they are pulled over, all hope is lost. This is not the case. Even if you have already been arrested on suspicion of a DUI, a conversation with an attorney who handles this type of case might reveal defense strategies you had not thought of.

Source: CBS 7, "Special Enforcement Effort Gets Drunk Drivers Off Roads," 19 July 2011.