The Texas Department of Transportation has cropped up in the news lately for its efforts to crack down on drunk driving in College Station and elsewhere across the state. On the Fourth of July, it issued special grants to get extra troopers on the roads, looking for drunk drivers. It also recently unveiled a series of public service announcements in the style of telenovelas to educate the state's Hispanic population about the hazards of drunk driving. Now, it has entered the realm of social media.

The Department of Transportation has created a Facebook paged called "We Know When To Pass" as a means to reach out to social media-savvy young people and inform them of responsible drinking habits. It has also developed applications for smartphones. One, called Drink Tracker, is meant to help people keep track of how much they've consumed in a night. The other, Taxi Magic, helps people look up numbers for cab numbers in major cities.

An effort is also underway to update the phrase "designated driver" and replace it with "PASS," which stands for person appointed to stay sober.

Outreach efforts like this are good, but they do not help what is often the problem - knowing when what you have had is too much. Everyone knows it is bad to drive while intoxicated, but does that mean you can have only two drinks? Three? It is a lot easier to drink a little more than is prudent without realizing it. If you find yourself in trouble after just such a situation, you may want to speak with an attorney who has helped people charged with DUI or DWI before.

Source: The Brownsville Herald, "Brownsville police on the lookout for drunk drivers," Jacqueline Aremndariz, 29 June 2011.