A Texas native who now plays for the University of Kansas football team is facing serious consequences after being charged with a DUI. His example shows that law enforcement authorities are very serious about those who allegedly drive under the influence - even the more privileged and celebrated among use are not exempt.

The 20-year-old Arlington, Texas native was pulled over around 2:30 a.m. February 5 and was arrested on suspicion of DUI. Last week, he has requested that the court allow him to enter a diversion agreement in the case. A diversion agreement is available in cases of first-offense DUIs that did not involve an accident that injured anyone. The usual diversion agreement lasts 12 months, includes a rehabilitation component and costs $802 in fees. The man may face additional consequences since he was not 21 and so should not have had any alcohol at all in the first place.

The man is a wide receiver for the University of Kansas. For now, he is still a member of the team, though coaches have a reputation for frowning on this kind of behavior.

Football is a big deal at the University of Kansas, so the fact that a local hero like this man got a DUI shows that law enforcement authorities tend to be very aggressive when they encounter people they suspect are driving while drunk. That may be good for public safety, of course, but it may also mean that borderline cases might too easily be handled like slam-dunk cases. DUIs are expensive, time-consuming and a hassle. Anyone who is charged with a DUI my find it worth his or her while to speak with an attorney who has dealt with DUI cases before. Such an attorney may be able to help make the best of the situation.

Source: KUSports.com, "KU football player enter into diversion agreement on diversion charge," George Diepenbrock, 8 July 2011.