In a previous post, we told you about how University of Michigan football player and Texas native Darryl Stonum had pleaded guilty to drunk driving charges. Now, Michigan's coach has said Stonum will sit out for the season as a result of his mistake.

Stonum was arrested May 6 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and pleaded guilty June 3. He received a one-year suspended jail sentence. He also had to enter the Washtenaw County Court's sobriety program, which entails monitoring and reporting requirements.

This drunk driving incident was the second of his college playing career. In the first instance, he missed a court appearance and violated probation, so he had to serve a three-day jail sentence in 2010.

Stonum is widely regarded as Michigan's most talented player, so that the team has to deal without him is a major impediment to its chances of success this season.

Thus, Stonum must not only deal with the legal repercussions of his drunk driving, he also has to live with knowing he let his teammates down and must to face the ire of Michigan's thousands of avid fans.

Clearly, the fallout from drunk driving is going to be very severe for Stonum, but it is not any easier for people just because they are not college athletes. Anyone who is convicted of drunk-driving will have his or her record tarnished, insurance rates increased and an expensive and time-consuming penalty imposed by a court. This is why many people who are arrested on suspicion of drunk driving choose to work with an attorney to fight the charges.

Source: Detroit Free Press, "Michigan wide receiver Darryl Stonum will redshirt due to DUI plea," Mark Snyder, Aug. 8, 2011.