Driving while intoxicated is no laughing matter. Drunk-driving convictions carry serious legal repercussions and far too many people are hurt each year by drunk drivers for it ever to be taken anything less than seriously.

That being said, sometimes law and legal matters like instances of DUI present stories that can't help but make you scratch your head. One such story is that of the drunk driver in Forth Worth. This man wasn't driving a truck or car while intoxicated, but rather a stolen forklift, and he did it all while as shirtless as David Hasselhoff on "Baywatch."

The 43-year-old man led police in Forth Worth on a slow-speed chase as he drove the forklift drunk and shirtless through the city before he merged onto the highway. Witnesses said he was lifting and lowering the fork as he drove. Another witness said the man was "standing up and chugging a beer and threw it at the cop car behind him."

The man was eventually arrested. That was when authorities learned he stole the forklift from a construction site. He has now been charged with several crimes, including aggravated assault on a peace officer, driving while intoxicated and theft.

While you and I might snicker at the idea of a drunk, shirtless man cruising around on a forklift, the man himself is not laughing. Instead, he is looking at possible jail time, heavy fines, a blemished record and - of course - substantial embarrassment. Those are just a few of the reasons why it is always a good idea to drink only in a responsible manner and to never get behind the wheel if you've had too much.

Source: Fox News, "Texas Police Chase Shirtless Man on Forklift," Aug. 16, 2011.