This blog usually covers legal issues relevant to people in the Bryan and College Station area, but a recent story out of the San Francisco region is so unusual that readers here might appreciate it anyway. There, a private detective is accused of working with vengeful soon-to-be ex-wives to frame their husbands for DUI.

According to prosecutors, the man collaborated with ex-wives who wanted to make their husbands look bad in their upcoming divorces. One ex-wife told prosecutors she paid the detective agency $2,500 to secure evidence that her husband had been drinking and driving. The idea is that this evidence would make the husband look bad.

In one instance, the detective hired women to flirt with a soon-to-be-ex-husband. These women asked the man to finish their drinks (thus ensuring his blood-alcohol content would be over the legal limit) and then lured him to a home where they said there was a hot tub (to ensure that he drove even when they knew he was drunk). The man was arrested on suspicion of DUI. He later told a reporter that his wife "had him over a barrel" in the divorce proceedings because of his arrest.

After a former employee of the detective alerted authorities, the men in this case had their DUIs cleared thanks to a 19th-century law that makes it illegal to conspire to get someone arrested. However, a lawyer for an ex-wife made a good point: she said that no one forced these men to drink or get in the car and that they could have said no at any time.

Either way, the consequences these men faced as a result of their DUIs -- one lost vital security clearance for his job, another spent thousands trying to clear his record -- show just how devastating a DUI can be for anyone. Sometimes, working with an attorney to address the DUI charges against you can lessen their impact.

Source: The Los Angeles Times, "Coming clean on 'dirty DUIs in Contra Costa County," Maura Dolan, Oct. 16, 2011