Texas A&M students in Bryan and College Station know that here in the Lone Star State, football is not quite a religion, but it is close. That's why this DUI story hopefully has some resonance.

The coach for the Missouri Tigers football team recently pleaded guilty to driving under the influence. Becuase of his DUI, he had to miss the game against Texas Tech and will forfeit as much as $306, 538.

The coach will lose that much money because the terms of his contract specify that because of this offense, he must forfeit a week's salary ($40,769) and then donate an additional week's salary to a campus substance-abuse prevention center. His salary will also be frozen for a year and he is no longer eligible for a $75,000 bonus.

In addition, he must write a public letter of apology and perform 50 hours of community service.

Now, obviously, a DUI will not cost the average person more than $300,000. But dealing with all the hassle and red tape associated with a DUI will cost a lot and will drive up anyone's car insurance premiums (if, in fact, you can still obtain car insurance -- some companies simply will not insure drivers after they've had a DUI).

The coach at issue here said he is sorry for his actions and that no one should ever drink and drive. That is true, of course, but it is also true that everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes, speaking to an attorney after you have been arrested on suspicion of DUI can help make sure that you do not have to pay more than you should for such a mistake.

Source: The Lexington Leader-Herald, "College football notes: Missouri coach pays for DUI charge," Nov. 18, 2011