Usually on this blog, we tell Texas A&M students about matters that pertain closely to the Bryan and College Station area, but a recent news report involving a DUI and a revoked drivers' license was so compelling we thought it would be worth mentioning here.

The story concerns a 49-year-old Arizona man who had recently had his drivers' license revoked for DUI violations. That wasn't the least of his problems -- he also had no money and no place to live and was sleeping on the floor of a homeless shelter.

When he found a bag containing $3,300 in cash, it obviously could have changed his life for the better. But he didn't keep it. He gave it back.

It turned out the man who lost the money was a struggling college kid who was going to use the cash to buy a new car to replace the one he had lost in an accident. He told a local newspaper about the man's kindness and honesty; the following story captured the attention of the national media and readers across the country sent in small donations to reward the man for his righteousness. Eventually, the man amassed $10,000.

Overwhelmed by people's generosity, the man said he was determined to use the money to get back on track. He paid off his debts, got his drivers' license back and rented a "no-frills" apartment across from the homeless shelter he had stayed in so he could be reminded of how far he had come. These days, he has his "dream job" of managing a community garden.

Source: USA Today, "Homeless man's decision to return $3,300 changed his life," Douglas Stanglin, Nov. 30, 2011