College students like those who attend Texas A&M are the target of a new initiative by the Texas Department of Transportation that aims to discourage over-consuming alcohol during football games. As we wrote about in a recent post, game-day drinking is okay in moderation, but can lead to DUI and other citations for misbehavior.

TxDOT's football-themed trailer, which is part of its "Know When to Pass" initiative, recently stopped at Odessa College. However, one news report of the visit said the trailer went "barely noticed" by students.

This speaks to the difficulty that alcohol-awareness educators have in reaching people between 18 and 25. It's a generation that, frankly, does not like to be told what to do, so striking the right tone is tricky. Furthermore, it is a hard population to reach, since its members receive information via so many different mediums (Facebook, text messages, Twitter) that is makes them very hard to pin down.

That is unfortunate, in terms of TxDOT's message. A DUI can carry serious legal consequences and that is to say nothing of the cost to public safety. The problem is that everyone knows it is wrong to drunk and drive, but they may just not realize that they are drunk when they actually are and so get behind the wheel unaware of what they're putting at stake.

Hopefully, college students and alcohol-awareness educations can, at some point in the near future, figure out how to reach each other.

Source: The Odessa American, "TxDOT trailer stops at Odessa College," Nathaniel Miller, Nov. 16, 2011