While this blog usually reports on events in and around the Bryan and College Station area, a DUI story out of Oregon seemed so interesting we thought it merited mention here. In that Pacific Northwest state, a man recently tried to argue that he was not responsible for his DUI because he had been "sleep driving" when he was arrested. A judge did not buy it, though, and called his explanation "utterly irrelevant."

The man's story was that he met up with some friends for dinner and drinks one night. He does not remember what happened next, but he apparently got back to his apartment and got into his car. Basically, he claims that he was in a state akin to that of a sleepwalker, but was driving instead of walking.

A police officer pulled him over after he saw the man turn left without using his signal, run a red light and then drive down the middle of the street.The man admitted that he was drunk during that time, but said that he was not in conscious control of his body and so should not be held responsible. A judge disagreed, however. She said that even if the man's story were true (and there seems to be some doubt about that), it does not matter. He was still driving while he was intoxicated.

So, why is this story relevant to readers in Bryan/College Station? Because the strictness with which court officials look at DUI statutes is not unique to Oregon. Officials in Texas are equally as strict. If you ever get into trouble after driving while intoxicated, do not assume that the court is just going to shrug it off. You are going to need as thorough and vigorous defense as you can muster.

Source: The Newspaper - A Journal of the Politics of Driving, "Oregon Appeals Court: Sleep Driving Does Not Excuse DUI," Nov. 4, 2011