A woman in Del Valle, Texas, -- about two hours southwest of the Bryan/College station area --woke up one recent morning to what she thought was an earthquake. But it wasn't the tectonic plates beneath her house shifting; it was a 23-year-old man who had crashed his pickup truck into her house when he was allegedly drunk. The man has now been charged with DWI.

The impact destroyed the woman's spare bedroom and damaged her fence, wooden patio and a staircase in her home. She estimated the damage done to her residence to be in the neighborhood of $40,000.

The incident occurred around 6:30 a.m on Oct. 30. After the impact, the woman rushed out of her house and found the man passed out in his driver's seat. She thought he might be dead, so she ran back inside to call police and change out of her nightgown. When she came back outside, the man had evidently fled the area.

The man was later arrested and has been charged with DWI and failure to report a collision with a fixed structure.

If it is true that the man was intoxicated when this accident happened, then driving drunk was his first mistake. If he did indeed flee the scene after the collision, then that would be his second error in judgment. While it is natural to be scared and anxious after you have done something for which you feel like you might be punished, running away from the scenario ultimately does not solve anything. A far better course of action would be to find a lawyer you trust and then work with him or her to arrange the best defense possible, given the circumstances.

Source: KXAN-TV, "Deputy: Drunk driver slammed into house," Jacqueline Ingles, Oct. 30, 2011