It is stating the obvious to say that there are more than likely a few Texas A&M fans here in Bryan and College Station. While we all want to cheer on the Aggies, it should be kept in mind that post-game rowdiness is not always appreciated by law enforcement officers.

An example of this comes from Athens, Georgia, which is home to the similarly football-obsessed University of Georgia. There, 48 people were arrested for alcohol-related offenses after UGA beat its SEC rival Auburn on Saturday. On top of that, 10 more were arrested on suspicion of DUI as they were leaving the stadium.

All in all, 20 people were booked into jail for underage drinking. Seven were booked for intoxication and another 21 people were written up on charges of disorderly conduct.

Some of the conduct of the people arrested was inexcusable. After being thrown out of a bar, for instance, one young man took a running start and tried to head-butt a bouncer. Violence like that really has no place in any community.

However, it is also easy to see how authorities could get a little too arrest-happy. They are on heightened alert and, after awhile, find themselves running out of patience.

That frame of mind may be understandable, that is, but you should not be made to pay for it if the cirumstances do not merit. If you ever find yourself in trouble for some post-game conduct, it may be to your advantage to discuss it with a criminal defense attorney. That way, you can make sure that your rights are being respected.

Source: The Athens Banner-Herald, "Dozens wind up in jail on alcohol charges after Bulldog win," Allison Floyd, Nov. 14, 2011