If Texas A&M students in the Bryan and College Station area are hitting the books the way they should be, they know that you cannot believe everything you read and that, frequently, the methodologies behind those ranks and lists on which media outlets love to report ("Fittest cities in America! Least healthy restaurant meals!") are not always spot-on.

That being said, there is something worth considering behind a recent study that ranked Texas as the third-worst state for driving because of its high rates of drunk driving, fatalities and traffic tickets, among other factors.

CarInsuranceComparison.com ranked all 50 states in the factors listed above, as well as failure to obey traffic signals.

In all categories except for traffic tickets, Texas ranked among the worst twenty states. As far as traffic tickets, it ranked in the worst ten. Ultimately, only Louisiana and Missouri, the number one and two states, respectively, had higher cumulative scores.

As you can see, drunk driving is a big problem in Texas. It not only puts people at risk for serious injuries, but takes away from work productivity because people must make court appearances, results in money wasted on fines and clogs up our court system.

If you ever get in trouble after mixing alcohol and driving, it probably would not hurt to speak to an attorney about your arrest and subsequent charge. This lawyer may be able to help you raise a defense that can keep your out of the mire of the DUI regime.

Source: KENS-TV San Antonio, "Buckle up! Study ranks Texas as the third-worst driving state," Nov. 9, 2011