Earlier on this blog, we brought Bryan and College Station readers the story of the Texas woman who got into a drastic accident on a military base in North Dakota when she was allegedly driving while intoxicated.

That woman, a 32-year-old resident of Dayton, Texas, has now been sentenced to five years in prison. Thus far it appears her punishment does not include a DUI conviction, perhaps because she pleaded guilty to negligent homicide, a far more serious offense.

Full details of the incident have not been released, but thus far we know that the woman and a friend left a restaurant in Fargo late the night of Sept. 14 and were driving close to the North Dakota Air National Guard base when the woman, who was driving a pickup truck, got into an accident, crashed through a fence and ended up on base property.

The woman's passenger, a 55-year-old man from Toledo, was killed in the crash, hence the negligent homicide charge.

The woman's attorney said the woman was "highly intoxicated" when the crash occurred and does not remember the incident. That is very unfortunate because it is possible the woman could not remember some detail of the incident that may have helped her defense. She has admitted that she was drunk and her passenger died as a result of her mistake, so no one is saying she should get off scot-free. However, we here in the U.S. believe that the punishment should fit the crime and it is not unforeseeable that she may have had some sort of extenuating circumstance.

Source: The Columbus Republic, "Texas woman gets 5 years in prison in North Dakota military base crash that killed Ohio man," Nov. 23, 2011