If there is one message readers in Bryan and College Station should get from this blog, it is that anyone anywhere who makes a mistake and drives after having too much to drink can get charged with a DUI. It does not matter who you are, what your job is, or how famous you are -- law enforcement authorities simply do not care about things like that when it comes toDUI.

To wit, U.S. Federal Aviation Administrator Randy Babbitt was arrested Dec. 3 for allegedly driving while intoxicated. He resigned from his position in large part because of the arrest.

According to police in Fairfax, Virginia, Babbit, 65, was pulled over after an officer saw him driving on the wrong side of the road.

The U.S. Transportation Secretary accepted Brabbit's resignation on Tuesday. In a statement, he thanked Babbit for his contributions to what he called "the safest aviation system in the world." What went unspoken is that Babbit probably had to resign, since maintaining his high-ranking position with the federal agency that is supposed to make sure Americans are safe as they travel would have looked like hypocrisy.

Like we said, it does not matter if you are a high-ranking government official or an average citizen. If you accidentally drink too much and then drive, you will be arrested and might be charged with a DUI if a law enforcement officer catches you. And whomever you are, there will be consequences to your arrest. Hopefully you won't have to resign from your job, but you never know.

Source: The San Francisco Chronicle, "U.S. Aviation Chief Babbitt Resigns on Drunk-Driving Arrest," Alan Levin, Dec. 6, 2011