Do you remember how, in our last post, we told readers in Bryan and College Station that it does not matter how famous or notorious or wealthy or important a person is because when it comes to drunk-driving, police just don't care? Well, we have another incident that really underscores this point: Rima Fakih, who was Miss USA 2010, was recently arrested on suspicion of DUI.

Fakih was pulled over in Highland Park, Michigan on Dec. 3. She had double the maximum amount of alcohol in her system that one is allowed to have and still drive.

Fakih at first tried to deny that she was the Rima Fakih who was arrested for drunk driving, but she eventually admitted her mistake and said it was she who had been arrested.

Fakih is proving to be one of the more scandalous Miss USA winners in recent memory. Her previous entries into the gossip pages have been for things like seductive photo shoots and winning an amateur exotic dancing contest.

Fakih's attorney said he felt that this incident should not define her. That is an excellent way to frame this situation. Based on what we know so far, it appears that Fakih made a mistake when she had too much to drink and then got behind the wheel. We simply can't have that kind of behavior because it puts innocent motorists and pedestrians at risk. That being said, we all make mistakes and more often than not, we learn from them. Hopefully, Fakih will learn from her mistake, too.

Source: The International Business Times, "Rima Fakih Arrested for DUI: Miss USA Has History of Scandals," Dec. 5, 2011