The men and women who uphold all laws, from the federal level right down to the city ordinances of Bryan and College Station, deserve our respect. But since they are human beings, they make mistakes from time to time, as we all do.

In the context of DUI, your arrest and any subsequence consequences that follow may hinge in part on the given officer's judgment or personal impressions. Thus, when an officer makes a mistakes in a DUI arrest, there could be very serious consequences for you.

This is what happened recently in Colorado, where a longtime state trooper is being investigated for alleged improprieties in the way he arrested supposedly drunk drivers.

Red flags were raised regarding to the trooper's conduct after a June 25 arrest in which he detained a man after first saying the man was speeding, then saying that it seemed the man was drunk and then saying it seemed the man was high on marijuana. Eventually, blood tests revealed that the man was not intoxicated. This called into question whether the trooper should have pulled him over in the first place.

The state of Colorado recently apologized to the man and said it was conducting an investigation into the trooper's records. Thus far, they have indicated that the trooper had a bias against drivers whom he perceived to have used alcohol or drugs.

The point of this whole story is that while law enforcement authorities deserve our respect, they are not above tactful inquiry as to whether proper procedures were followed in an arrest.

Source: The Daily Sentinel, "State Patrol apologizes to Palisade man after court dismisses charges," Paul Shockley, Dec. 9, 2011