Several times now on this blog, we have emphasized that a DUI offense can happen to just about anyone. If readers in Bryan and College Station need further proof, a Fort Worth police officer -- a member of the very force that is supposed to make sure we are all obeying drunk-driving laws-- was recently arrested on suspicion of DUI.

It's a very strange story. The officer and a convicted felon were reportedly driving around and shooting the officer's personal handgun on Dec. 26. A civilian witness said he saw the officer shoot at a streetlight and the convicted felon shoot several times at a street sign.

The witness reported what he saw to authorities and the officer was arrested. He has now been charged with DUI and providing a weapon to a convicted felon. He may also face charges relating to the damage of public property.

Now, readers should take from this story the lesson that anyone is vulnerable to making a mistake with alcohol. It is a strange substance; it's perfectly fine in a few social situations, but becomes a problem if it is over-used or abused. Certainly, cases like this show an egregious error of judgment on the part of the police officer, but the truth is, the boundary lines are not well-drawn. If you have one too many drinks at a holiday party, for example, you have not "abused" alcohol in the sense that you have an ongoing problem with it. Nonetheless, you would be at risk for a DUI if you drove afterwards and then got caught.

Source: Fox News Dallas-Fort Worth, "FW Officer Faces DUI, Gun Charges," Dec. 27, 2011