Do you think claymation reindeer can stop Texas residents from driving while under the influence this holiday season? The Texas Department of Transportation thinks so; that's why its most recent anti-DUI ad uses a touch of humor in an attempt to get its don't-drink-and-drive message across.

The holidays are often dangerous times for DUI, since people are often attending parties, where the risk of overindulging is pretty high. So, for 14 years, TxDOT has been airing ads meant to encourage people to drink responsibly and call a cab if they end up having too much.

This year's ad features claymation reindeer (think of the 1960s TV special "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" and you've got the right idea) having a party, which is broken apart by an angry Santa.

The ad, which will run until Jan.1, is not without its critics. Some people have said they do not think it is appropriate to use a cute, fun approach when discussing something as serious as drunk driving. Drunk driving costs people their lives, they allege. It is also true that DUI convictions carry heavy legal penalties and give the people who suffer them a lot of hassle.

A spokeswoman for TxDOT, though, said her agency is always looking for fresh and innovative ways to get the message across that it is dangerous to drink and drive. She went on to say that sometimes, you have to break the mold in order for people to pay attention to you.

Have you seen this ad? Do you have any thoughts about it?

Source: KVIA 7, "Partying Reindeer Aim to Curb Drunken Driving," Stephanie Valle, Dec. 16, 2011