Anything we can do to prevent drunk driving is a good thing -- or is it?

An anti-drunk driving Facebook group started by one Texas woman puts the philosophy behind that statement to the test.

The woman, whose daughter was killed in a 2009 drunk driving accident in which she was an innocent party, scours public databases for the mug shots of people in her community who have been arrested on suspicion of DUI. She then posts those people's mug shots and, if she can find them, links to stories about the person's arrest. This makes the information available to all people who are members of her Facebook group.

The woman said her goal with the group is not to be mean, but rather to call attention to the harm drunk driving causes to society.

Now, one on hand, everything this woman posts on Facebook is public record, so she is not using private material inappropriately. Also, facts are facts; if someone does not like people knowing they have been arrested for drunk driving, then they should have thought about that in the first place.

Then again, these people have merely been arrested. Furthermore, what makes this woman think it is up to her to take on drunk driving this way? We have a criminal justice system for a reason and most people would say it works pretty well. On top of that, there is no proof that this woman's campaign will do anything at all to curb drunk driving.

What do you think? Is this a good and understandable idea, or is it public shaming?

Source: The Daily News, "Parent uses social media to expose DWI charges," T.J. Aulds, Dec. 31, 2011