It is looking like a Texas woman is going to have an uphill battle to fight after she got in trouble for drinking and driving. The 59-year-old woman, who has been charged with DUI and striking a police officer, who later died, is said to have behaved inappropriately at the scene. There is a real concern that this could negatively affect her chances of having her testimony and the facts of the incident clearly and level-headedly examined.

The woman was involved in an Oct. 14, 2010 accident in which she allegedly struck a police officer who was on the side of the road because he had stopped to help a distressed motorist. The officer was badly injured and had to be taken off life support some time later.

Officers who responded after the crash said the woman laughed, chewed gum, talked about her family and complained about gaining weight, but never even asked about the police officer or how he was doing. The woman's defense attorney has countered this by pointing out that some people laugh when they get nervous and has argued that his client did ask about the officer, but her inquiry was ignored.

Now, even if that all that prosecutors have presented is true (notice we said "if"), it should not affect the woman's case too much. She is on trial for drinking and driving and hitting someone, not for being socially inappropriate. Nevertheless, it may end up affecting her in that it could color the jury's opinion of her. Her attorney will likely have to work diligently to ensure that she is not unduly prejudiced.

Source: My San Antonio, "Driver 'giggly' after wreck that killed SAPD officer," Craig Kapitan, Jan. 18, 2012