A Bryan woman is facing a heap of legal trouble after she was arrested on suspicion of DWI over the weekend. A DWI charge is hard for anyone to fight against, but it will be especially tough for this woman because she has three previous DWI convictions. Thus, she has been charged with a felony DWI, which is even more serious than a "normal" DWI charge.

It is very important that everyone remembers that a defendant who has been charged with a crime is on trial for that crime only and not for his or her past actions. The woman in this case may want to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to ensure that the court observes that truism.

The woman was arrested after a Texas Department of Public Safety officer saw a green Jeep make an unsafe lane change, causing another driver to brake quickly to avoid a collision.

When the trooper pulled the vehicle over and asked its driver to step out, he observed that she swayed as she tried to stand in place and behaved "strangely." A can of beer, which was cold and had not been opened, was allegedly found in her passenger seat/

The woman was taken to Brazos County Jail, where she remains in lieu of bail.

Because of the woman's previous convictions, her DUI charge has been elevated to a third-degree felony. She now faces up to a decade in prison and may have to pay up to $10,000 in fines. As you can see, there is a lot at stake here and this woman will have to make sure she can arrange for a thorough and vigorous defense.

Source: The Eagle, "Bryan woman faces felony DUI charge," Feb. 21, 2012