Together, Bryan and College Station make up one pretty impressive football town, thanks mostly to the Texas A& M Longhorns. Given our enthusiasm for the sport, it might be interesting to know that NFL player Aldon Smith, the linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers, was recently charged with DUI following his arrest in Miami Beach.

Details on Smith's arrest are skimpy, but it is known that he was arrested early Saturday morning by Miami Beach police and that he was taken to jail and held on $1,000 bond.

The circumstances of his arrest or what brought him to the attention of police have not been publicized.

The news is likely going to be received with chagrin in San Francisco. Smith was a noteworthy part of the 49ers, which recently saw its hopes for a Super Bowl appearance dashed by the New York Giants. Longhorns fans can empathize with 49ers supporters; losing so close to the finish line and then having a star player get in trouble with the law is a one-two punch that is not easy to take.

But everyone, especially 49ers fans, needs to keep in mind that this DUI charge does not mean Smith is a bad person. We all know how easy it is to drink more than planned, and it's not hard to fathom how a person could think he is okay to drive only to discover that he actually meets the legal definition of intoxication.

Source: USA Today, "49ers' Aldon Smtih faces DUI charge in Florida," Jan. 28, 2011