If there is any doubt among readers in College Station and Bryan that authorities take drunk driving infractions seriously, perhaps this story will dispel those ideas. A man from Central Texas was recently convicted of his fifth DWI and will now spend his life in prison as a result.

The 36-year-old man had been convicted of DWI four times before he was charged in connection with a Jan. 30 incident in which he drove his Ford F-150 into the back of a Dodge Ram. Luckily, the other driver in the accident was not injured, but when police came to the accident scene, they learned that the man had a blood-alcohol level of 0.23. That's nearly three times the legal limit of 0.08.

Although the man pleaded not guilty, a jury did not buy his story and convicted him. (He was likely not helped by a criminal record that included offenses like robbery and bail jumping.)The district attorney who prosecuted the man's case said he wanted to make sure the man was severely punished because his behavior shows repeated drunk driving.

Keep in mind that a first-time offender would not receive a sentence anywhere near this harsh. This man will spend his life behind bars because he repeatedly put innocent people at risk. If you make one mistake by mixing alcohol and driving, you may stand a good chance of success if you work with a criminal defense attorney to make sure that a judge understands you are repentant and that you have learned from the error of your ways.

Source: KENS-5 San Antonio, "Texas man gets life in prison for fifth DWI offense," Feb. 3, 2012