Given how many college football fans there are here in Bryan and College Station, the name Josh Huff is probably familiar to many of our readers. Unfortunately, Huff's name is the news and this time it is not for anything good -- Huff was arrested on suspicion of DUI recently.

Huff was pulled over by police in Eugene, Oregon, after he was seen early one Saturday morning driving in a suspicious manner. He has now been charged with DUI, speeding and driving without a license. We do not know what all was happening the night Huff was arrested, but driving without a license is a very unfortunate lapse in judgment and reflects what we hope is only a temporary lapse of good sense. There's very little excuse for that unless it is an emergency situation or something similarly dire.

Huff is only the latest player for Oregon who has gotten into trouble with the law lately. Indeed, the team has something of a reputation for recruiting players who go on to get in legal scrapes.

Another way to look at it, however, is that alcohol and driving laws are very strict and can be far too easy to violate if one has made even a small mistake. Certain people, like college athletes, seem to get in trouble at a higher rate because they're high profile and we hear about their legal troubles. No one bothers to write about what happened to your Aunt Cheryl, for example, but they will write about people like Josh Huff.

Source: CBS Sports, "Report: Oregon WR Huff arrested on DUI charges," Jerry Hinnen, March 5, 2012