It's spring break time, so there are bound to be plenty of Texas A&M students who are daydreaming through their last few classes, waiting for the moment where they can load up their cars, grab their friends and head out in search of fun.

But all that fun students are planning could easily be ruined in one fell sweep if a driver gets a DUI. Reports of drunk driving incidents involving students have a tendency to increase when college kids are on break because a lot more drinking goes on during those periods.

Spring break may be an especially dangerous time for DUI arrests because so many people go home or go on road trips and are not as careful as they need to be about not drinking too much before putting their keys in the ignition.

A spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety recently hinted that his organization will have extra patrols out on the roads to catch suspected drunk drivers. Last year, law enforcement authorities nabbed 1,266 drivers whom they suspected were intoxicated at the time.

If you are planning on going anywhere over spring break, or even if you are sticking about Bryan and College Station and plan to party, take just a minute to develop a plan for what will happen if you have too much to drink or if your designated driver doesn't stop at one beverage as planned. It only takes a moment to figure out what to do and in the end, it could you save you a lot of money and aggravation.

Source: KTXS Channel 12, "DPS Cracking Down on Spring Break Drunken Drivers," Casey James, March 11, 2012