Underage drinking can land the underage drinker in serious trouble, of course, but as two College Station men found out in separate incidents recently, it can also land the person who provided the alcohol to the minor in serious trouble, too.

The first incident occurred when police were called to a College Station home, where they were told there was underage drinking going on at a raucous party. When officers arrived, they found "multiple" beer bottles and red plastic cups on the lawn of the home. They pulled some partygoers aside and learned that some of them were underage and had been playing drinking games such as beer pong.

According to police, the 22-year-old party host was nabbed as he was trying to sneak away from the residence.

The second area man to get in trouble for the same offense last weekend has a story that makes his circumstances seem a little less rowdy. He told police he did have a backyard drinking party, but he said the underage guests who were present had not been invited.

Both men have been charged with furnishing alcohol to minors. That's a Class B misdemeanor that carries a fine of up to $2,000 and can be punished by as many as 180 days in jail. That might be something Texas A&M students want to keep in mind next time they feel like letting their underage cousin or minor friend have a drink or two.

Source: The Bryan- College Station Eagle, "2 weekend parties land hosts behind bars," March 26, 2012