Chilifest, the popular chili cook-off and fundraiser in Snook, is a lot of fun for most people in Brazos and Burleson counties. This year, though, it probably wasn't as fun for the 61 people who were arrested during the festival.

At an event like Chilifest, it is easy to get carried away, have one beer too many and get arrested on suspicion of DUI. That doesn't make it right, but it makes it understandable.

An overindulgence in alcohol was behind many of those arrests. The Burleson County Sheriff, who was part of the law enforcement contingent patrolling the Chilifest grounds, said most people who were arrested were detained for public intoxication and driving while intoxicated. He said he did not know the exact breakdown of who all was arrested on suspicion of what offenses, but he said that information might be available once final numbers are firmed up in the early part of this week.

In 2011, 58 people were arrested at Chilifest and in 2010, 41 people were arrested. The sheriff said there was no reason he could think of that this year's arrest numbers were higher.

About 40,000 people attend Chilifest each year, so it does not seem that the event is a problem for law enforcement (which is good, because our community institutions need the $2 million that the event has generated in its 12-year run). Even so, there were about 100 officers on the grounds this year.

Source: The Bryan-College Station Eagle, "Chilifest weekend arrests up slightly," Matthew Watkins, April 16, 2012