A Texas man was recently sent to jail after he was caught driving with twice the legal amount of alcohol in his system. That he was sent to jail should be no surprise, but the fact that he is going to be there for 45 year should be. It's one of the longest sentences for a DWI anywhere in the country in recent memory.

The man's lengthy sentence has attracted the attention of national media and has people wondering whether such a sentence represents the tough-on-crime attitude we want our justice system to have or whether it's wildly out of proportion. Before you decide for yourself, let's review the facts.

The Fort Worth was pulled over last summer and, as we said, was determined to have more than double the legal limit of alcohol in his system. He was later found guilty, making this his fifth DWI conviction.

The local district attorney told CBS News that the sentence made sense because the man obviously had a problem with mixing alcohol and driving and putting him in prison for nearly five decades would ensure that he could not get out on the road and harm anyone.

While that may be true, isn't there something to be said for intervention? Most would agree this man has a problem with alcohol, but isn't the fact that he has not been cured of it proof that he isn't getting the help he needs? Forty-five years in prison is a longer sentence than those served by some violent offenders; is that really fair?

Source: Time, "Texas Man Sentenced to 45 Years for Drunk Driving," Erica Ho, May 12, 2012