Alcohol can get people in a lot of trouble. DWIs, of course, are one of the more obvious ways people who have had too much to drink can come into conflict with the law, but they are not the only way.

A 20-year-old man was recently arrested by College Station police for being excessively drunk in public. According to a police report filed over the incident, the man was stumbling through the hallways of a building, had bloodshot eyes and "emitted a strong odor of alcohol."

The man also told police that he had a microchip in his arm from a credit card company that had a $1 million limit. He asked police to sell some of his personal items so that he could pay for a taxi and a hotel.

The man has now been charged with public intoxication and giving a false name and birthday.

Although there is an element of humor to this story, no one would be laughing it were discovered that the man had mental difficulties. We do not know if he does or does not, but the strange anecdote about the microchip in his arm does seem very unusual.

Sometimes, people who struggle with mental issues or personal problems turn to alcohol as a means of escape; that isn't a good way to cope, but sometimes it is all people know. For those people, a stay in jail or a big fine is not going to correct their behavior and is not going to cure what troubles them. This is why we, as a society, need to demonstrate responsiveness and compassion to people instead of vilifying and shunning them after they make a mistake.

Source: The Bryan-College Station, "20-year-old charged with public intoxication," June 20, 2012