Texas A&M students might be a little alarmed to learn that you do not have to be driving to get a DWI. Being in a car that is capable of being operated while you are intoxicated, in some cases, is enough. Let's look at the case of a Corpus Christi man who was recently arrested for DWI to see how this could be.

The 33-year-old man was arrested late last week when police followed a trail of vomit to a vehicle that had been parked in an alley. Police say the motor in the car was running and that there was an open container of beer in the vehicle's cup holder. The officers reported that they had to shout to rouse the man.

The man supposedly failed both a sobriety test and a breath test and was taken to jail. He has now been charged with DWI and having an open container of alcohol in his car.

As you can see, this man was not driving down the street when he was arrested, but he was operating a motor vehicle (remember that the motor was running) and that was enough for him to be charged. Since we don't know all the facts, it is possible his defense attorney will present something at trial of which we are not aware.

This story shows that police are very serious about drunk driving and allow absolutely no wiggle room. While it is good to be tough on threats to public safety, you have a right to be tough right back. One way to do that might be to hire an aggressive and thorough criminal defense attorney to ensure that your rights are respected.

Source: KRIS-TV, "Police: Sleeping Driver Arrested for DWI," Elizabeth Noyola, June 8, 2012