Many people here in Bryan and College Station use their smartphones for just about everything. Checking weather, looking up traffic updates, searching for restaurants -- there is very little our newfangled phones can't do.

But one unfortunate woman found one such thing after she relied on a novelty app that purported to be able to read her blood-alcohol content. The woman was recently charged with DUI after she used the app and determined that she was okay to drive.

The woman was stopped by police shortly after 2 a.m. as she was driving the wrong-way down a one-way street. When an officer asked whether the woman was intoxicated, she replied that she could not be because the app had shown her that she was not. Two subsequent sobriety tests showed that her blood-alcohol readings were 0.134 and 0.120. In the state where she was arrested, the legal limit to drive is 0.08, as it is in all states.

The lesson to be learned here is that any app that purports to tell you whether you are safe to drive is not meant to be taken seriously. Setting aside the issue of whether it's fair of app-makers to even offer such apps, they are only meant for novelty value. The best thing you can do to prevent a DUI charge is to be very careful about how much alcohol you consume, or else plan on taking a cab or getting a ride home from a friend. In the event that those precautions fail, remember that criminal defense attorneys are often able to offer people charged with DUIs very valuable advice and assistance.

Source: Norwalk Patch, "iPhone App 'Showed' Woman She's Sober; Gets Charged With DUI," Harold F. Cobin, May 29, 2012