Sometimes, people seem to think that college students are the only people who ever drive drunk. Apparently, the line of thinking is that young people are the only ones who aren't responsible with alcohol and so are the only ones who drive when they are intoxicated.

Naturally, Texas A&M students are justified in thinking that isn't fair. Although college students do generate their fair share of alcohol-related problems, drunk driving transcends all age barriers.

As of evidence, consider the arrest of a 60-year-old Bryan man was has now been charged with DWI after he got into a three-vehicle accident around noon last Friday.

The man was driving a Ford F-150 pickup truck along San Jacinto Lane when he drifted into the other lane of traffic and collided with a Nissan Xterra. The Xterra, in turn, hit a parked Ford Mustang when it was run off the road by the force of the impact with the F-150.

When police arrived at the scene, the man allegedly told them he had taken hydrocodone and Xanax that day and consumed had two alcoholic drinks about half an hour before the accident.

The man has now been charged with driving while intoxicated and with having an open container of alcohol in his vehicle. If he is convicted, he could be forced to pay $2,000 and spent up to 180 days in jail.

As we said, it is not right for anyone to drive if he or she has had too much to drink. But it also isn't fair to assume that college-aged people are the only ones who ever make a mistake when it comes to mixing alcohol with driving.

Source: The Bryan-College Station Eagle, "Driver cited for DWI after accident," July 15, 2012