As we have said several times before on this blog, it is important that we all give police officers respect and allow them the space necessary to do their jobs. Naturally, we can expect them to follow the law themselves and to respect a criminal suspect's rights, but there is no excuse for ever threatening to harm an officer of the law.

That is allegedly what one Bryan man did after he was accused by an officer of DWI. If he actually did what he is accused of doing, his conduct is simply inexcusable.

The officer involved in this case pulled the man over around 8 p.m. on Friday and subsequently arrested him on suspicion of DWI. If field sobriety tests or a blood-alcohol content test were administered, police have not said as much.

When the man was placed in the rear of a squad car after his arrest, he began smashing his head against the divider. He also allegedly kicked one officer as that officer was trying to buckle him in, yelled obscenities and spat at the officers.

The man has now been charged with felony DWI, resisting arrest and using abusive language. All told, he could be forced to pay up to $14,500 in fines and spend three years in jail if he is convicted on all charges.

We are well aware that DWIs are expensive and time-consuming, so some feeling of anger after being charged with one could be understandable. However, expressing those feelings the way this man supposedly did is not acceptable.

Source: The Bryan-College Station Eagle, "Man became violent after DWI arrest, police say," Aug.5, 2012