A 34-year-old Bryan woman's unwise decision caught up with her recently when she was arrested after officers learned that she had several warrants out for her arrest. The warrants were for driving a vehicle that had not been inspected, driving with a suspended license and driving without insurance.

The unwise decision we're referring to is her apparent choice not to address those three misdemeanors and to try to outrun them instead. Such an approach is not fair, because it is an attempt to dodge our justice system. Furthermore, it rarely works out, as this woman's story shows.

The woman was arrested around 3:40 a.m. when an officer reported to the Town and Country Food Mart on 1401 N. Texas Ave. The arresting officer reported that the woman's vehicle had a flat tire. She had her car on a jack and had a tire iron in her hand. He said that she was passed out when he found her.

When she awoke, her breath smelled of alcohol and she gave the officer a false name at first, the arresting officer reported. She was arrested and taken to Brazos County Jail after the officer discovered her outstanding warrants.

Once again, we offer this story as something of a cautionary tale. Don't give a fake name to authorities and don't try to run away from charges against you. We know they can be intimidating, but it's better to fight them legitimately. Sometimes, to do that, you need the assistance of a lawyer. Sometimes people are worried about hiring attorneys because they think it is going to be too expensive, but with a little research into the fees charged by attorneys in your area, you might come to learn that the cost is less than you feared.

Source: The Bryan College Station Eagle, "Woman arrested after passing out while changing tire, police said," Aug. 20, 2012