Alcohol-related incidents spiked after Texas A&M lost to the University of Florida in its first home game of the new season on Sunday.

Does that surprise you? It didn't the Bryan and College Station police forces. A spokesman for the College Station Police said the uptick was "exactly what you expected."

Thirteen people were arrested on suspicion of DWI, 19 people were arrested for public intoxication over the period of time between Thursday and Sunday.

During that same timeframe, A&M officers arrested 17 people for underage consumption, four for public intoxication and three people on a blend of alleged offenses.

The first home game tends to be an especially jubilant one and the celebratory feel can lead people to consume more alcohol than they planned. One officer observed that the hot conditions over the weekend exacerbated the effects of alcohol; because people were drinking a lot of alcohol and were not hydrating properly, they were evidently feeling the effects of intoxication more quickly than they would in cooler weather.

While we understand that college football season is a very...high-energy time, shall we say, here in Texas, we want to caution everyone in Bryan and College Station against drinking too much. Police officers know that that people like to imbibe on game days and they're more than prepared to respond accordingly.

Our office is dedicated to helping clients who find themselves charged with DWI, underage consumption or any other alcohol-related infraction. To learn more about what do, consider taking a look at our Underage Drinking page, for a stgart.

Source: The Bryan-College Station Eagle, "Arrests for alcohol up in wake of A&M loss," Rosalee Getterman, Sept. 10. 2012